The FHN Foundation Makes a Difference

About the FHN Foundation

The FHN Foundation enhances and augments FHN’s efforts to improve health and wellness in the region we serve. The dollars the FHN Foundation expends are spent with a local focus always in mind, and are used to benefit our service area.

However, the FHN Foundation is only able to help save and change live thanks to the generosity of the many individuals, families, corporations, foundations, and organizations that support us through their giving.

Why does the FHN Foundation Exist?

The FHN Foundation helps to provide financial stability and security for FHN’s mission and vision to deliver healthcare excellence to our communities.

The extra support given by the FHN Foundation enhances the experiences of the patients and enables FHN’s providers and staff members to deliver the best medical care possible in our region.

What does the FHN Foundation do?

The FHN Foundation raises awareness, increases support, and improves the well-being of our communities.

In short, the FHN Foundation:

    1. Lifts up the story – to inspire, inform, educate, involve, and motivate people
    2. Develops resources and materials to promote and help accomplish FHN’s vision and mission
    3. Seeks resources, financial and other and promotes stewardship and generosity
    4. Offers proper customer service, transparency and integrity
    5. Awards funds that enhance the care of our friends and families in northwest Illinois and southern Wisconsin

How is the money donated to the FHN Foundation used?

When one gives to the FHN Foundation it typically goes toward one of five overall larger initiatives:

    1. Equipment
    2. Facilities
    3. Education and Training
    4. Patient Care
    5. Community Health Needs

Within these five initiatives the FHN Foundation has a variety of endowments and restricted funds that donors can support. For a list of the available FHN Foundation funds and their descriptions click here. Of course, those wishing to partner with the FHN Foundation to make a difference in health and wellness may also make an unrestricted gift and those dollars will be used wherever the most current and pressing need for FHN to meet or improve the community’s wellbeing.

Donors can feel confident know that 100% of every dollar donated to the FHN Foundation goes directly to improve health and wellness. No donated funds are used to pay for overhead or administrative costs.

Your Partnership with the FHN Foundation

The FHN Foundation recognizes that as stewards of their resources, donors have choices related to their charitable giving. Each donor decides which charities they will support and how much support will be provided to an organization.

With more than 1.5 million nonprofits in America competing for the time, attention and contributions from donors, we are honored and blessed that the FHN Foundation is a vehicle donors use to make a difference in the lives of others. We extend our warmest thank you to our donors and those who partner with us in creating a healthier place to live.

Contributions to the FHN Foundation, not-for-profit, private organization are tax-deductible, as provided by law. The FHN Foundation is committed to principles of good stewardship and pledges itself to use the gifts you generously provide to benefit those in our care.