Meet Some of Our DAISY and BEE nominees!

Every day, every person at FHN strives to provide exceptional, compassionate care to our patients and their loved ones. Now, there's a simple way, as part of an international program, to acknowledge and appreciate a nurse or other caregiver at FHN who makes a difference.

The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune System) Award is an international recognition program for hospitals that honors and celebrates the skillful, compassionate care nurses provide every day.

The DAISY Foundation was established by the family of J. Patrick Barnes after he died from complications of the auto-immune disease ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura) in 1999. During his hospitalization, his family deeply appreciated the care and compassion shown to Patrick and his entire family. When he died, they felt compelled to say "thank you" to nurses in a very public way: The DAISY Award.

In addition, the BEE (Being Exceptional Everyday) Award honors patient care (non-nurse) staff who assist a nurse or a patient and his or her family in delivering excellent patient care.

Patients or their loved ones are encouraged to share their story with an online nomination. Every few months, a multidisciplinary selection committee of FHN selects the DAISY and BEE Award honorees from those nominations.

DAISY honorees are recognized at a public ceremony in their unit at FHN and receive a certificate, an award pin, and a hand-carved stone sculpture entitled A Healer's Touch. Everyone in the unit celebrates with cinnamon rolls – a favorite of Patrick's during his illness.

BEE honorees are recognized publically on their unit, receive a certificate, and award pin and the unit celebrates with honey-themed treats.

The DAISY and BEE awards are sponsored at FHN by a private FHN Foundation donor and coordinated by the Nursing Care Council.

Nominate Someone!

We've received so many lovely nominations for DAISY and BEE award winners and, though not everyone can win, we'd like to share your kind words:

February 2020 Nominations

Shayna Vanderheyden, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Rachel Walker, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
I have a long medical history of allergies and ailments and for this reason, I'm pretty in tune with my body and how it responds. When I expressed my concerns to them, they both took the time to listen and because of this, saved me from a devastating setback. Their patience and compassion for their love of medicine and the heart to help others should be awarded with a million thank yous. So from me and our family, we are truly grateful for your acts of kindness felt while I stayed here.

Victoria Goetz, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Tracy Hays, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Both of these ladies were very caring, thoughtful, and very gentle. Both ladies were pleasant to chat with and took time to explain and discuss medical treatments. They both made the stay at the hospital almost enjoyable. Tracey is known as the "professional" for putting in a catheter.

Peggy Enzinger, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Where to start... nurses are super-special! We were so happy to have a fantastic nurse while at FHN the end of December. Peggy was always available and never let us feel like we were being a pain, even when we were! Peggy was compassionate from the moment we met. She expressed her support to our situation as well as showing excellent teamwork with others around her. Peggy stepped up with honest talks and never showed anything but support and strength. Peggy was honest and stepped up when we had questions. One time, I even waved her in with no explanation and she jumped into action. One never doubts that Peggy loves being a nurse with her constant smiling and bright blue eyes assuring you that we were in good hands. Thank you, Peggy, for making our visit to FHN the best it could be.

Jennifer Kerchner, RN Telemetry, FHN Memorial Hospital
Nomination 1: Jennifer Kerchner has to be one of the top nurses at FHN, if not the best. She was very helpful to me during my stay at FHN. She was very knowledgeable with what I was experiencing. I really liked that she took time to talk to my wife about what was going on with me here. She was just wonderful and I was very happy to be her patient. Thank you, Jennifer. You are and will continue to be an asset to the nursing field.
Nomination 2: When I was out of it, she sat here and stroked my hand and stayed with me until I came out of it. She did this several times and talked to me in a soft voice. She's a rare and exceptional nurse.

Michelle Gillihan, RN Emergency Room, FHN Memorial Hospital
Despite being located far out in Freeport (I'm a Schaumburg resident), FHN Memorial is one of the best hospitals I've ever been to. I say this with a good amount of confidence, having been to a number of hospitals in the Chicagoland area. All the staff deserve the award. But Michelle shocked me with how sweet and noble she was. She listened to me. I try my best to take preventive measures, not curative. Michelle helped facilitate that for me. She also made sure I was comfortable. Even if Miss Michelle does not win some trite award, I have the gut feeling she's the type to see the reward in just being nominated. So I wish her and FHN Memorial the best.

Michelle Guzzardo, RN Telemetry, FHN Memorial Hospital
Michelle Guzzardo is very special in more ways than one. She did lots of things for me when she was busy and never said a word. She is also a person who can joke around with you and yet, you know she is serious. She was always around to see if there were other things for her to do for me. She is a lot of fun and I enjoyed her being my nurse. She made me feel a little bit better just for being near her. We need good nurses like this at all hospitals.

September Chezem, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
When it comes to my pain pills, I don't like to have to ring for them and then wait. She brought them to me on time so I could keep a schedule and she seemed to go out of the way to check up on me and see if I needed anything.

Bethany Dickman, RN Cath Lab, FHN Memorial Hospital
Bethany is such a caring person. Always a smile and a little giggle. She makes the experience of the cath lab a lot less stressful as she explains and makes you feel comfortable when you are there. She is an angel to her patients and takes the time to tell you what is going on. I have been in the cath lab three times and each time, I know my care will be excellent, as Bethany will be there.

Paul Stadel, RN Team Leader, FHN Memorial Hospital
Outstanding care person. Very personable to talk with and get questions answered. Then, after his shift, he took a few minutes to answer a question.

Marcia David, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
This nurse, when she came in, was always cheerful and met any needs I had. Marcia was a ray of sunshine with her positive attitude and personality. Any concerns I had were addressed immediately. Her cheerfulness always made me feel better, even when I was down. You could tell she enjoyed being a nurse and had all the attributes of an exceptional nurse. She went above and beyond in taking care of me. She definitely deserves this award.

Angela La Dow, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
My day nurse was always happy, friendly, and willing to serve. She is an angel as a nurse. She made me feel good as a patient.

Tonya Pennington, RN Emergency Room, FHN Memorial Hospital
My mother needed to go to the ER two times in one week. Each visit, Tonya was caring for my mom. Tonya was so patient and calm as she cared for my mom. She also asked my husband and me if we needed anything. We were there from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. the first time, until my mom was admitted to a room. The second visit, we arrived around 1:30 p.m. and Tonya was there to help us again. My mom had fallen and was in extreme pain. Again, Tonya was so helpful as she put in an IV and administered some pain medication. We were in room B, which is very small, and Tonya made sure we were comfortable while working around the cramped room. FHN is a good place to go to in a health crisis as we needed to go, because of nurses like Tonya. I feel she goes above and beyond in patient care. We also had interaction with Doug Munda, who is also another excellent nurse.

Tracy Hays, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
She was so very sweet and kind. She went above the call of duty to take care of me. She was very bubbly and fun to be around. It is so obvious she really enjoys being a nurse. She is a great asset to FHN.

Alicia Gray, RN ACU, FHN Memorial Hospital
My sister had outpatient surgery and had her gallbladder out. The nurse who took care of her checked every box. She was caring, compassionate, helpful, kind, and understanding to my sister and the family. She gave my sister exceptional care. Everyone that we dealt with was very caring and helpful. Thank you so much for making this surgery less stressful.

Mark Hunziker, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
The most kind, loving, knowledgeable nurse. He treated me so kind and made sure I felt comfortable. He deserves this award big-time!

Tabitha Graves, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Miss Tabitha really took the time to go over things with me. If she could spare a couple minutes in her extremely busy day, she did. She made the discharge process very quick and effective.

Megan Cocanower, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
I guess I had a panic attack and Megan really took the time and patience to get me through it.

Karla Lovitt, RN ICU, FHN Memorial Hospital
She was very kind and made me feel very comfortable. She eased my nerves. She was the best. She actually cared about me and that meant a lot.

Susan Rednour, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Nomination 1: My dad and I would like to nominate the nurse Susan for this award. Several years ago, my dad had five open wounds on his left foot that were ultimately healed by Dr. Tolliver and his nurse Susan. Today, my dad was once again admitted to FHN and when I walked by the nurses station, I immediately recognized Susan at the desk. Just seeing her and then learning she was overseeing my dad's care, I felt an immediate sense of relief. I knew everything from a care perspective would be handled with care and accuracy. At the end of her shift, she told Dad and me she had tomorrow off, so she said goodbye and wished Dad a heartfelt recovery. This morning, when Dr. Tolliver came to see Dad for a post-op check, right behind him was Susan with a smile on her face and not missing a beat as Dr. Tolliver removed the bloody bandages from surgery. Dr. Tolliver said Dad was good to be discharged today and Susan said she would be here until 1. Susan just stopped by to introduce the next shift's nurse and told Dad there was one more thing she needed from him … a hug. Dad started crying and I did, too! Please recognize Susan with a well-deserved thank you and award.
Nomination 2: Mrs. Susan was one of the most concerned and caring about my situation. She busted her butt to make sure that I was comfortable and making steps to make better decisions for my healt, including smoking. She has encouraged me to make better choices in life, starting off with my food down to my everyday choices. I was very happy and most comfortable with Mrs. Susan watching over me. She did an awesome job during my stay down to every detail and I am very grateful. Thank you so much. You brightened my day every time I saw you.

Albert Sledge, ED Tech Emergency Room, FHN Memorial Hospital
I was very impressed with Albert's helpfulness. I came in and had a high temperature and he saw to it that I got new pillowcase and a nice clean nightgown. So thank you so much.

Wendy Pickard, CNA Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Nomination 1: Wendy was the best worker I had while in the hospital. She helped me in every way.,br /> Nomination 2: Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and all of the amazing care you gave while I was here in the hospital. It takes an extraordinary person to give a certain level of care.
Nomination 3: She is so compassionate. She gives hugs and takes time to listen. I knew I could cry on her shoulder anytime. She is always smiling.

Lori Goeke, Patient Intake Representative Emergency Room, FHN Memorial Hospital Lori is always extremely pleasant, smiles, and is understanding, while making sure you are taken care of the entire time you are waiting. Thank you, Lori, for being so comforting during the scariest times. You are awesome! Side note, Lori was by far the most knowledgeable staff member that we had the pleasure of meeting. She even knew the pharmacies in Freeport (closing times and addresses), but went the extra mile by suggesting the drive-through pharmacy, being that I was being seen for back pain and problems.

Isabel Jones, CNA Telemetry, FHN Memorial Hospital
Thank you, Isabel, for your sweet and most helpful spirit. You are one step ahead of all my needs. Above the usual, changed bedding. You are a rare and kind person in a difficult environment of ill people. Thank you so much!

Maria Bordner, CNA Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
This lady was so beautiful and loving. Never a frown. Always a smile and kind words.

Lori Scibona, CMA Internal Medicine
Lori Scibona goes above and beyond for my 91-year-old mother. She is kind to her and very patient. My mother has difficulty walking with a walker. Lori brought a wheelchair out to the curb to take my mom in to her appointment. Lori exemplifies all the qualities of a nurse that a patient needs. She is caring, compassionate, and professional in her work. We all have choices to go to other medical facilities in other communities, but nurses like Lori make it easier to choose FHN. She is a wonderful asset to FHN!

Baylee Noll, PSR Podiatry, FHN Family Healthcare Center - Burchard Hills
I have been to many appointments trying to get healed enough to work again. Having a frustrating week, especially today, on little sleep. Baylee helped me arrange appointments and make sense of it all. She helped me feel much better and get on track. With her great attitude and skills, I am grateful for the excellence to rise above and beyond to help in time of need.


Kelley Hartman, RN Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Kelley was patient-centered and demonstrated treating others with respect, dignity, and compassion by answering my call light for a crying baby even after her shift was through. My daughter had been hospitalized for the past 2 days with pneumonia and Kelley took care of us during that time. After her second shift with us, I needed to pump breast milk and thought I could sneak in a session while my daughter was sleeping. Of course, only a few minutes into the session, my daughter woke up and started to cry. I turned on the call light for an extra set of hands to comfort my daughter so I could finish pumping some milk to feed her. Kelley not only answered the call light after her night shift was done, but she willingly comforted my daughter and even changed her diaper so I could finish with my pumping session. She could have easily ignored the call light so she could go home to sleep after her night shift, but chose to stay and help me out by comforting my daughter without any indication of frustration or being annoyed. I appreciate her attitude and willingness to care for her patients and their families.

February 2020 BEE RECIPIENT

Wendy Pickard, CNA Medical-Surgical Unit, FHN Memorial Hospital
Wendy has been especially nice to my mom. She really went above and beyond! From washing her leg hose, to wiping her mouth and cleaning her dentures, she did it all. She made my mom feel loved and laughed with her. My mom has dementia and can be cranky at times, but Wendy never raised her voice or let it get to her. She always treated mom with care and respect. I can't tell you how much we loved having her as mom's CAN. She deserves lots of awards! Other staff should model her.

Past FHN DAISY Recipients
August 2018: Teresa Muggler
November 2018: Amanda Kempel
February 2019: Victoria Goetz
May 2019: Jillane Toelke
August 2019: Crystal Winters
November 2019: Makenzie Brown

Past FHN BEE Recipients
August 2018: Mary Freidag
November 2018: Mary Freidag
February 2019: Sue Alden
May 2019: Roxane Hare
August 2019: Alexis Poffenberger
November 2019: Nicole McFadden