Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Healthcare Excellence for our Communities

Our Mission

FHN, together with those we serve, improves health and provides superior, quality healthcare services. Respect, dignity and compassion guide our interactions, while leadership and wise stewardship of resources direct the process.

Community Support

Our commitment to the community is seen throughout the year in many ways:

Committed to Economic Health

As one of the largest employers in the Freeport area, FHN employs and offers benefits to approximately 1,400 employees, providing economic viability to the community and stability for families. As a sponsor of more than 60 community events, we contribute thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind donations annually. Each year, our employees add their personal contributions (averaging more than $40,000 to the United Way), as well as serving in leadership positions in many community organizations and boards.

Committed to Community Health

In 2017, FHN:

  • Led the effort to create the community-wide Connect the D.O.T.S. initiative to promote well-being – and being well – by helping individuals meet their basic physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs
  • Administered more than 6,642 health screenings at no charge, including blood pressure, height/weight/BMI, blood sugar/glucose, cholesterol screening and counseling and education
  • Educated more than 2,500 people on poison prevention
  • Offered health information through provider-led seminars to more than 875 people at 17 different events
  • Presented 100 school programs focused on health to more than 2,082 students
  • Donated $15,660 to 12 area schools through sports physical clinics - a total of 19 clinics were held, serving 783 students
  • Support groups - for people touched by grief, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and caregivers – met more than 50 times
  • Brought people together 30 times for a variety of family-focused area events, including Festival of Trees, FHN Movie Series, and health fair events
  • FHN's free community summer exercise competition, Miles And Minutes, promotes good health and gives money to area schools. In 2017, 649 participants logged a total of 2,232,056 minutes of exercise and $8,750 was donated to nine area schools

Our Employees Are Committed to the Communities We Serve

FHN employees have contributed more than $1 million to the FHN Foundation since 1999 through the award-winning Partners in Giving Program. Partners in Giving is an FHN employee fund-raising organization that creates opportunities for employees to contribute to FHN in various ways – through payroll deductions, donations, or through participation in fund-raisers.

This program has been an outstanding success for our employees to collaborate with our community to raise funds for healthcare services.