Total Rewards Philosophy

At FHN, our diverse workforce is our competitive advantage. Our Total Rewards Philosophy represents a broad spectrum of plans and programs designed to reward, recognize, motivate and develop staff members throughout their careers.

Total Rewards Philosophy
Total Rewards Compensation

We believe in hiring and retaining the best. Having an excellent compensation package, including above-average base pay, merit increases, a professional nursing practice program, promotion increases, incentives, skill-based rewards, spot rewards, and financial and non-financial rewards, helps FHN recruit and retain the best.

The FHN Compensation Program includes:

  • Base salary
  • Professional nursing practice program
  • Diversity education awards
  • Certification pay
  • Holiday premium pay
  • On-call pay
  • BSN Pay
  • Promotional increases
  • Merit increases
  • Market adjustments
  • Compensation range adjustments
  • Lump sum salary awards
  • Incentives
  • Registry exam compensation
  • Paternity or adoption assistance
  • Staff registry program
  • Shift differential
  • Float differential
  • Military duty compensation
  • Bereavement compensation
  • Jury duty compensation
Total Rewards Benefits

The benefits program offered by FHN is designed to support you through the key life events you may experience throughout your career. Our life cycle benefits program has been structured to offer you flexibility and help you meet your family’s changing needs.

Just as we count on you to help us fulfill our FHN mission and strive to reach our FHN PRIDE standards, you rely on us to provide you with a well-thought-out benefits program. You look to us for help in managing your healthcare, planning for your retirement, enjoying time off with your family, and in meeting the unforeseen costs of disability and death.

We are especially proud of our FHN benefits program because it offers a wider range of benefits – with more staff and family-friendly policies and programs – than most employers of our size, or in our area. The benefits program is designed to be flexible, with lots of choices to respond to your changing needs as you build your career with FHN.

Review our Staff Benefit Program Guide for full details.

Total Rewards Culture and Work Environment

We are proud to foster a culture that is family friendly and caring, where open communication and staff participation are regarded as the norm. The culture flourishes as communication and decision making, leadership styles, staff participation, empowerment, and open communication are part of everyday work life at FHN.

Work environment plays a large role in overall staff and patient satisfaction. At FHN, we realize the importance of creating a positive and friendly atmosphere for those with whom we come into contact, including staff. We focus on the physical environment, nature of work, interactions with others, team approaches, flexibility, recreational, and work-life support of our staff to ensure they are surrounded with the tools and resources they need in a positive and fulfilling environment.

Review our Staff Benefit Program Guide for full details.

Total Rewards Personal Development and Recognition

At FHN, we believe in encouraging and developing our staff. We offer a wide variety of programs, both formal and informal, to help support ongoing individual pursuits and to recognize exceptional performance and jobs well done.

We recognize our staff through performance management, career development, training programs, work experience, service awards and recognition programs and encourage them to grow both personally and professionally.

Review our Staff Benefit Program Guide for full details.

Our Commitments and Beliefs

We strive to live our mission by our behavior. We translate each of the following commitments we make into beliefs about the way we work, interact with each other, and reach to exceed the expectation of our patients.

Our staff members also are a priority at FHN, as they are the key to providing quality healthcare for those we serve. We work hard to attract, develop and retain a talented and dedicated workforce. In return for your dedication, FHN is committed to providing an outstanding place to work, unlimited opportunities for you, and the chance to work with excellent people who share your commitment to compassion and quality.


We trust and care about each individual and treat all people fairly and honestly. We listen and respond to each other.

Our actions are consistent with our words.

Respect, Dignity, Compassion

We treat individuals with respect, dignity and compassion by giving them responsibility, resources and support. In return, they give their best.


Our diverse workforce is our competitive advantage.

We invest in people, instill a shared vision and trust their capability and willingness to improve quality and strive for excellence.


We exceed our customers' expectations through the strength of individual initiative and by people working together in teams.


People will excel in an organization that promotes innovation, risk-taking, continuous learning and recognition.