FHN 2020 Board of Directors

Our Mission

FHN, together with those we serve, improves health and provides superior, quality healthcare services. Respect, dignity and compassion guide our interactions, while leadership and wise stewardship of resources direct the process.

The members of FHN's Board of Directors live and work here in northwest Illinois, and make choices based on what's best not just for the organization, but for their communities.

Mark Gridley
FHN President/CEO

Stephen Kneubuehl, Board Chair
Retired Berner Foods CEO

Neal Richardson, Board Vice Chair
Partner WIPFLI CPAs & Consultants

Heather McPherson, Board Secretary
McPherson Law Offices

Mark Wright, Board Treasurer
Co-CEO Midwest Community Bank

Carol Schuster
Board Past Chair
Asst. Dean of Operations, U. of I. College of Medicine at Rockford

Bruce Baldwin
Retired Executive

Rich Chang
Retired Executive

Glenda Koeller
Retired FHN Executive

Gary Quinn
VP US Bank

Dan Schmitt
Retired Freeport Community Foundation Executive

Shokry Tawfik, MD
FHN Physician

Robert Geller, MD
FHN President Medical Staff

Beth Kalnins, MD
FHN Physician

Michael Merry, MD
FHN CMIO & Physician Council Chair