FHN Gift Guide

FHN Foundation Gift Guide

We are honored and blessed that donors use the FHN Foundation to make a difference in the lives of others. The generous gifts made to the FHN Foundation provide funding for equipment, facilities, patient care, staff training/education, and community health needs. Thank you for partnering with the FHN Foundation to deliver healthcare excellence for our communities!

The listings in this Gift Guide represent a few of the projects the FHN Foundation is presently seeking to fund. Some of the items need funding on an annual basis, as we look to replace and improve equipment or increase funds for other activities. Other listings are new, one-time projects for this year. There is a brief description next to each item, as well as a suggested gift amount. Please note, donations of any amount are welcome toward these current initiatives, or you can always make a general gift to the FHN Foundation that will be used where it is needed most.

FHN Foundation’s Current Initiatives

Patient Experience Fund: Have you ever seen an oncology patient at one of their treatments? These appointments can take a long time, and patients may not have anything to do while they are receiving their care. Alternatively, have you ever noticed an anxious, nervous or scared child in a healthcare setting? You may have wished that there was something you could do to help the child calm down. The FHN Foundation plans to assist people in these situations. Each gift of $10 will help provide colored pencils, crossword puzzles, and other items to give our grown-up patients something fun to do while they are getting their oncology treatments, or stuffed animals to help calm and comfort our youngest patients in all healthcare settings.

Workbooks to Assist Mental and Behavioral Health Patients: The workbooks provide education regarding a patient’s diagnosis and illustrate coping skills. The workbooks also give cues for journaling and demonstrate other activities to help better manage acute and chronic symptoms. These resources are designed to have a significant impact on patients who demonstrate psychological conditions since there can be longer wait times for counseling, especially in rural settings. Each gift of $20 will help provide these workbooks for patients.

Blood Pressure Cuffs and Scales: Part of the population FHN serves has social determinants and barriers that prevent them from receiving the medical care they need. When FHN staff members identify patients that have uncontrolled hypertension or heart failure and that demonstrate financial need, the staff members can provide the patients with these items to use at home. Each gift of $30 will help purchase blood pressure cuffs and scales for patients.

Patient Transportation:Rural residents encounter barriers to healthcare that limit their ability to obtain the care they need. One of these barriers is transportation, as rural populations travel longer distances for healthcare services. When a patient does not have access to, or cannot afford transportation to healthcare appointments, one’s well-being can be negatively impacted. The FHN Foundation has a fund to assist patients who demonstrate a financial and transportation need so they can receive appropriate medical care. Each gift of $60 will assist patient transportation costs.

Wheelchairs:This piece of medical equipment is integral in transporting patients to various locations within FHN. There are presently 48 wheelchairs being used on a regular basis. Each gift of $75 will assist in purchasing wheelchairs.

Scholarship Funds: he FHN Foundation offers scholarships for nursing students, as well as for non-nursing healthcare careers (Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assistant, Emergency Medical Services, Pharmacy Tech, etc.). Shortages of workers in these key healthcare careers have a devastating effect on the medical care that FHN provides. The FHN Foundation is utilizing these scholarships to help build a vibrant and talented pool of healthcare workers. Our goal is to increase the scholarship funds so more students can receive financial help as they pursue their dream of becoming a healthcare worker. By helping future medical field employees receive their education, your gift will impact the lives of patients daily and improve the health and wellness of our region. Each gift of $100 will help provide scholarships to deserving students. Please specify if your gift is for nursing or non-nursing scholarships.

Exam Tables for the Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Care Center:In order to provide the best experience possible, we would like to replace the exam tables at the Cancer Center. These tables are used by hundreds of patients each year and are integral to the medical care of patients with an oncology diagnosis. Each gift of $100 will help us obtain this equipment.

Patient Care and Comfort: Thanks to your generosity, FHN was able to purchase new mattresses and beds for in-patient rooms in the hospital last year. We are continuing to focus on improving the patient experience. To do this, we would like to replace the over bed and bedside tables, as well as the wall saver recliners in each patient room.

• The over bed tables will not only provide a place for the patients to comfortably and conveniently be provided with meals, but also double as additional storage for belongings such as phones, glasses, and hygiene products.
• The bedside table/dresser combination provides additional space for personal items such as clothing, personal care items, and supplies.
• Wall saver recliners ensure the ultimate in comfort for patients and a safe alternative
to lying in bed for meals and relaxation.

Each gift of $250 will assist in purchasing the new over bed and bedside tables.
Each gift of $500 will assist in purchasing new wall saver recliners.
Gifts for either of these items would provide the ability to ensure comfort, and convenience for our patients while receiving care.

Thank you for taking the time to review this Gift Guide. If you are passionate about one or more of the items listed, you can use the enclosed form and business reply envelope to send a gift designated toward the item(s) of your choice. You may also make a general gift to the FHN Foundation, which we will use where it is most needed.

Your generosity improves the health and wellness of the people in our community!

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