In His Own Words

FHN Team Puts Alderman Back On His Feet

Tom Klemm

Ten years ago, Tom Klemm missed a step and hurt his foot. For years the discomfort would come and go, agitated by exercise or long shopping trips. When the pain got more frequent and severe, Tom decided he needed expert help. He visited orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Greg Dammann, who referred him to Dr. Roland Tolliver, a specialist in podiatry. Tolliver's quick diagnosis impressed Tom.

"I had mentioned my foot problems to many medical folks over the years, with no real conclusion. When I explained my situation to Dr. Tolliver, he knew right away what was wrong," affirms Tom. An x-ray and CT scan confirmed the diagnosis: a LisFranc fracture. "He recommended I have midtarsal fusion surgery to pull my midfoot bones together and stabilize my foot. I wasn't excited to be off my feet for 12 weeks," says the alderman, "but I was committed to following doctor's orders."

The surgery was quickly scheduled and Tom's recovery is now complete. He confirms, "Everyone at FHN did a great job. I was especially impressed with Dr. McFadden and the pre-op team, anesthesiologist Dr. Maria Laporta, and all the staff at Dr. Tolliver's office. They were very professional, but also warm, friendly, and lighthearted. Dr. Tolliver provided excellent information and handouts before and after surgery, and I followed his directions carefully, which helped expedite my recovery. He has been pleased with my newfound range of motion and I can honestly say I feel no pain in my foot. None! I am so happy with my results and with the phenomenal care I received from FHN."

Do you have pain that won't go away? Talk to Dr. Tolliver, Dr. Dammann, or any of FHN's specialists. They can help keep you active and engaged, even when you need to climb the steps at City Hall! Call FHN at 1-877-6000-FHN (1-877-600-0346) ext. 916.