Diagnostic Services

A wide variety of advanced diagnostic testing and imaging services are available at FHN.

Laboratory and pathology services are two methods FHN uses to determine a specific disease or diagnosis. Tissues, organs, blood and other body fluids are examined and/or tested.

FHN imaging services include:

General Diagnostic Services

CT (Computed Tomography): A series of X-rays that show the human body in slices. The x-ray mechanism, which surrounds the body, "inches" its way along the area being examined, taking multiple tomograms (slices). The computer is used to turn the tomograms into pictures.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging): A noninvasive diagnostic technique that uses nuclear magnetic resonance to produce cross-sectional images of organs and other internal body structures.

PET (Positron Emission Tomography): An imaging technique that monitors metabolic, or biochemical, activity in the brain and other organs by tracking the movement and concentration of a radioactive tracer injected into the bloodstream.

Women's Diagnostic Center

The FHN Women's Diagnostic Center inside FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport offers digital mammography – and much more. We offer testing, consultation and support all in one location, as well as treatment close to home at The Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Center at FHN Memorial Hospital. This kind of complete service is not available from any other healthcare organization in our area.

Full-field Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is faster and gives more accurate readings for women under 50, women with dense breast tissue and women who are nearing menopause. Digital files also make it easier for our experts to read your mammogram, which can result in fewer retests, and these files can easily be stored and sent wherever necessary.

Breast MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses high-powered magnets to produce detailed images and gives us an additional tool to investigate abnormalities found by digital mammography or ultrasound. This test can help us identify if cancer has spread and has also proven useful in screening women who are at high risk for breast cancer.

Digital bone densitometry

Digital bone densitometry lets us measure the density of a patient's bones to assess his or her risk of developing osteoporosis. Our bones change as we age, so digital densitometry equipment helps us keep track of each patient's bone health.

Stereotactic Mammotome® Biopsies
Ultrasound-guided Mammotome Biopsies

When a lump is found in a patient's breast, a biopsy – the removal of cells for examination – is usually one of the first diagnostic tests we perform. The FHN Women's Diagnostic Center offers minimally invasive Mammotome biopsy, an outpatient procedure that requires local anesthetic, a single incision and no stitches.

The biopsy is done in the Women's Diagnostic Center by a radiologist. In a stereotactic biopsy, the radiologist uses x-ray technology to visualize and guide the biopsy needle.

In an ultrasound-guided biopsy, the radiologist uses sound-wave ultrasound technology to visualize and guide the biopsy needle.

Both procedures cause little discomfort, and you may resume daily activities right after the procedure.

Comfort and Care

The Women's Diagnostic Center was designed with the comfort and privacy of our patients in mind. Comfortable shawls, cozy rooms where patients change and are tested and private hallways combine to create a serene, home-like atmosphere.

If a woman needs to undergo further testing after a routine mammogram, she will work with our nurse navigator. The nurse navigator serves as the patient's advocate and educator, coordinating testing and care and helping to support the patient and her loved ones. The nurse navigator also serves as the point person for the patient's healthcare team, coordinating the recommendations of numerous specialists to help the patient make the best, most informed choices about her care.

For more information on the FHN Women's Diagnostic Center, call 815-599-6313. To schedule your digital mammogram at the FHN Women's Diagnostic Center, call 815-599-6860.

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