FHN Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine and FHN Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Services developed the FHN Total Joint Club - themed “Jointopoly” - to provide a comprehensive and planned course of education and treatment through the process of joint replacement surgery. Getting a new joint is certainly not a game, but similar to a board game, there are a lot of moving parts and pieces throughout the journey.

Dr. Draxinger and patient Amalia Viveros discuss her knee replacement procedure.

We believe it takes an entire team to assist you through this major surgical event. Your team includes physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and many other care professionals who specialize in total joint care. Every detail, from pre-operative teaching to post-operative care, is reviewed with you.

A surgical nurse navigator will guide you through the joint replacement process, which begins before surgery with an educational program and physical therapy consultation. While you are hospitalized, our surgical and hospital care teams will provide superior care. After your surgery, you will receive first-rate orthopaedic care and physical therapy to help you recover.

Dr. Dammann performs a post-op exam on patient Dillon Bauldauf.

We find that patients who take an active role in their recovery experience the most positive results, so our goal is to involve you in every step of your treatment. Every Total Joint Club patient receives a Guidebook filled with information and the steps you’ll need to follow for a safe and successful surgical outcome.

Knee Replacement Guidebook
Hip (Posterior-Lateral Approach) Replacement Guidebook
Hip (Anterior Approach) Replacement Guidebook

Our average hospital stay following joint replacement surgery is 1 to 2 days, but some patients are able to go home the day of their surgery! Increased patient education, advanced surgical techniques and equipment, and improved methods of pain management have allowed us to speed up the recovery process.

Lindsay Bader
Physical Therapist

Keri Wall
Surgical Nurse Navigator






Jointopoly Education Video

A walk-thru of your joint replacement journey

To review a specific topic, please enjoy these mini-sessions:


Pre-Operative Checklist

Preparing for Surgery

Hospital Care

Hospital Care Rehab

Pain Management

Post-Operative Care