In His Own Words

"My Heart Was In the Right Place"
FHN's Cardiology Team Helps Keep Larry On the Links

Larry Feiner

Larry Feiner was sitting at his desk at Midwest Bank, working on the computer like any standard workday. But when a sharp, numbing pain radiated across his chest two days in a row, he knew it was anything but normal. "That got my attention," he says. "It was almost like a charley horse in my chest. I was scared, so I called Dr. Chris Jelinek's office and the nurse told me to head to the ER."

After an EKG and blood tests confirmed there had been no heart attack, Dr. Jelinek scheduled a nuclear stress test in the FHN Cardiac Laboratory. The new, state-of-the-art equipment there makes these sophisticated tests possible in one day instead of the usual two or more, offering more convenience for cardiology patients. The unit's exceptional specificity and sensitivity indicated Larry's heart had some abnormalities that needed further review.

A referral to Dr. Prasad Kilaru then prompted an angiogram, an imaging test that checks for obstructed or narrowed blood vessels in the heart. The Cath Lab team identified some blockages, which helped explain the chest pain and didn't really surprise the patient.

"I have a family history," says Larry, "so I knew it was possible. The good news? The blockages were so small I didn't need additional procedures. Now I am armed with new cholesterol medication to control my blood lipid levels and I am eating better. I already exercise regularly and am dedicated to keeping that routine. And I have total confidence in the FHN team who takes care of me."

He confirms, "The level of professionalism I experienced throughout FHN was second to none. Everyone worked together like clockwork, providing efficient and personalized care that helped ease my anxiety. From my initial consult with Dr. Jelinek to my ultimate diagnosis from Dr. Kilaru, I knew my heart was in the right place. I can't thank FHN enough for making a stressful life event a very good experience."

FHN's providers put their hearts into quality care for every patient. Our award-winning cardiac team offers interventional procedures including pacemaker, defibrillator, angioplasty, and stent placement. We provide comprehensive care, screening for any controlling risk factors, diagnosis and treatment, and aggressive follow-up care. To contact our cardiology team, call 815-599-7722 or toll free at 877-538-0239. You can also learn more about our capabilities in our Cardiology section.