Fall Hospice Memorial Service

Hospice Memorial

The FHN Hospice Memorial Service is a special ceremony honoring those we have lost in the past 12 months. FHN Hospice and FHN want to honor your loved one in a virtual ceremony available to families on November 30, 2020. Although we prefer to meet in person for this ceremony, the Illinois Department of Public Health and CDC guidelines have restricted gatherings of this size. We feel it is important to honor our loved ones, especially during this time when many families have not had the opportunity to say goodbye in a traditional service.

FHN Hospice is asking families to complete the form below if they would like us to honor their loved one in our virtual memorial service before November 18, 2020. By sending us your loved ones name, you agree for us to share your loved ones name in the video that could be seen by the general public. An email address is required so that we can send a link to the online ceremony which will be available on November 30. Please also take some time and share with us a short memory, comment or photo (please send a copy of the photo as these will not be returned) such as, “Brian, You are always on my mind and in my heart” and we can share these messages in our video. Please see the attached form for additional ideas for sharing a memory. This is optional if you are not comfortable sharing a message, please do not feel obligated to do so.

During the ceremony we will read a poem together, have a moment of reflection, honor those remembered and hear words of encouragement and hope from our Spiritual Care Coordinator - Sean Huguenin, have a brief meditation and sharing of cherished memories. We will close with a prayer and benediction..

Please RSVP below by November 18, 2020.

We anticipate that this video will remain available through Spring 2021 if you would like to watch the video with your extended family.

For more information or if you have questions, please call 815-599-7240

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I would love for you to read my loved ones name at the FHN Hospice Memorial Service.
(If you have more than one loss, please complete a form for each individual)
By sharing your loved ones name with FHN Hospice, you give permission for FHN to read the name on a video that may be seen by the general public.

We only ask for your email to send the email link for the virtual ceremony or questions regarding the pronunciation of your loved one’s name.
Your information will not be used for any other purpose and will be deleted when the class is over. Thank you!

If you need assistance as to what to submit, consider the following:
I remember when we first met...
One thing my loved one taught me was...
I laugh when I remember...
I cry when I think of...
I am thankful for...

If you do not have a message to be read, please type NONE.