Hearing Aids

We offer state-of-the-art hearing technology in a range of affordable, mid-priced instruments. The advanced technology of these hearing aids constantly - and automatically - adjusts to the most appropriate settings at all times. There’s no need to fuss with tiny buttons or switches - good hearing becomes effortless, as it should be.

Oticon & Resound Products

We proudly offer hearing aids from two (2) of the top six (6) major manufacturers. These products have been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated.

We offer a comprehensive array of style and color options, something to fit every hearing loss, personality, and budget. We gladly accept most insurances.

Jabra Hearing Products

With the advent of over-the-counter amplification, FHN Audiology wanted to offer a product that has been reviewed and tested to be beneficial.

Jabra hearing devices are completely self-driven with a hearing screening performed right through the devices and your phone. You decide how to adjust the device settings - right in the environments where you've identified some difficulty.

Find out more about Jabra Enhance™ Plus