FHN Get Fit 2022 – The Focus Is On YOU!

This year’s FHN Get Fit 2022 program is pandemic-safe, and heavy on tips, videos, and recipes to help you work toward a healthy, fit spring and summer – and beyond!

It’s not safe yet to gather people together for weigh-ins and opening screenings, so Get Fit 2022 is once again a FREE all-online individual program. We’re putting aside the team competition and focusing on helping you have fun, get active, and work toward your best YOU!

Registration for Get Fit 2022 opens Monday, January 17. The program runs February 6 through April 30, but you can register at any time during the event to get access to all Get Fit 2022 materials online.

This year’s registration is gathering your name, address, and email address so we can send you Get Fit 2022 newsletters chock-full of healthy lifestyle information including exercise tips from FHN physical therapists and healthy recipes from FHN/Aramark dietitians. (Your personal information won’t be used for any other purpose, and you’ll receive Get Fit 2022 newsletters only while the program lasts.)

Once you’re registered, we’ll share information about the many online fitness tracking programs and apps to help you keep track of your exercise and healthy diet, including drinking enough water and getting your five servings of fruits and vegetables a day! You will also receive a list of local fitness organizations teaming up with FHN to provide trial membership and/or prizes for the Get Fit program. Visit these partners to determine which one is best for you.

We hope you’ll join us for FHN Get Fit 2022 - we’ve got a lot of good information to share, along with mini-challenges, contests and more! Those who participate can also win one of several great prizes up to a $200 value.

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