Cardiac Rehab

FHN’s cardiac team works to educate patients on the cardiovascular system and teaches patients how to modify their current eating, exercise, and other lifestyle choices to maximize their future health.

The Cardiac Rehab team develops an individualized care plan for each patient, usually involving three appointments a week in the rehab gym at FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport for up to 12 weeks. At those appointments, patients work one-on-one with our caring team of RNs and exercise specialists, learning how to manage their condition and prioritize their health.

According to Diane Bardell, Cardiac Services team leader, "Our goal is to help patients become healthier and help them get back to their lives and to prevent further heart problems. Recent studies show that patients who attend cardiac rehab have a 42.7% decrease in all-cause hospital readmission or mortality, compared to those who do not attend!"

The Cardiac Rehab team monitors each patient and makes adjustments as needed,” Diane says. “Encouraging patients to live a healthier lifestyle is a huge component of the program. Having heart problems can be so frightening, and we’re here to help people work through those fears and figure out that yes, they can have a good, active, healthy life.”

Patients who are experiencing stable angina, peripheral artery disease, or congestive heart failure can benefit from cardiac rehab, which must be prescribed by a physician. Any cardiac patient – regardless of whether they received their treatment at FHN, is welcome – it’s all about getting people the help they need to regain and keep their best health.