In His Own Words

"I Just Wasn't Feeling Right — But I Didn't Want To Make A Big Deal Out Of Nothing"

Brian Stewart

Like most typical middle-aged men, it was easy for local businessman and entrepreneur Brian Stewart to shrug off some moderate discomfort — for a while. After two business trips, all kinds of explanations seemed to make sense: Too many big meals on the road, jet lag, or even everyday stress and strain. But when Brian continued to feel sick after getting home from the airport, he knew he needed a check-up that very night.

At 2 a.m., Brian entered the Emergency Department at FHN Memorial Hospital, thinking he would confirm that his symptoms were "no big deal." After a battery of tests ordered by Dr. Vivek Mehta and Dr. Romeo Bayola, this "man with a plan" was thrown off guard: He was not only dehydrated and suffering from acid reflux, he had a brain tumor the size of a golf ball.

Things moved swiftly from there. Brian shares, "My tumor was visible at the very end of my scan. The FHN radiologist who read it had to be very thorough to find it. He helped save my life. Then I conferred with my family practice physician, Dr. Chris Jelinek, and I ultimately decided to go to the Mayo Clinic for a six-hour neurosurgery. My tumor was benign and I was home in less than 48 hours. It is still hard to believe.

"Now I am back to work as Illinois State Representative for the 89th District and CEO of Stewart & Associates, where a large portion of my business is safety and security. Personally, I am grateful for the security I get from knowing FHN is right here when I need help. If it wasn't for the professional and insightful care I received in the FHN Emergency Room, I might not be here. Now, every morning when I wake up I thank God, my family, my friends, and all the medical professionals who got me through this illness. My health is a very big deal, indeed!"

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