The FHN Family Birthing Center

FHN Memorial Hospital Implements COVID-19 Visitor Restrictions - April 17

In accordance with an Illinois Department of Public Health recommendation, FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport has put into action the visitor restrictions for the health and safety of our patients.

Expecting a baby is a special time for you and your family and FHN is proud to be a part of your experience. At FHN, we believe that warmth and compassion are important components of superior healthcare, and we want you to feel comfortable in your surroundings.

FHN offers a birthing experience that respects a mother's choices, allowing her and her family, for example, to remain in one private room for labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum care. FHN Family Birthing Center's home-like birthing rooms are equipped with the latest equipment to help your delivery go smoothly. If you need a cesarean delivery, your partner may remain with you in the FHN Family Birthing Center Operating Room with your physician's permission.

Our Family Birthing Center staff offers three classes to families expecting a baby:

  • Prenatal classes are offered as an evening series or one-day Saturday class taken one-to-two months before the mother's due date. Taught by OB registered nurses, the classes provide information about pregnancy, labor, delivery, cesarean section and post-partum recovery. Find out more.
  • Breastfeeding classes help parents make the decision of whether or not to breastfeed their child. One of the many decisions you will need to make as you prepare for the birth of your baby is whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed. If you have already decided to breastfeed your baby, or need to know more about breastfeeding in order to make a decision, the information provided in this class will be helpful to you. Find out more.
  • Sibling classes provide an opportunity for a brother and/or sister awaiting a new baby in their family to learn about what to expect when the baby arrives. The class includes a movie, a tour of the FHN Family Birthing Center, viewing the nursery and a real baby, learning how to hold a baby and ways to help Mom and Dad. Find out more.