State of Our Youth

Youth substance use is everyone's responsibility and we must fight it together as a community.

Youth substance misuse is everyone's responsibility, and we must work together as a community to help our youth.  FHN has been the recipient of the Illinois Department of Human Services Substance Use Prevention Services (SUPS) grant.  The grant provides funding for community and school based programs to help decrease youth alcohol and other substances misuse.  Some of the services include comprehensive communication campaigns and multi session youth prevention education in the local schools.

Every two years, schools throughout the state have the opportunity to participate in the Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) for students in 8th, 10th, and 12th grade. The majority of schools in Jo Daviess and Stephenson County choose to participate in the confidential self-report survey.

The IYS provides schools and local health agencies current data from students to understand youth attitudes and behaviors that can impact social problems and academic success. The survey covers a variety of topics including bullying, physical activity, nutrition, substance use/misuse, perceptions of school climate, and mental health.

The IYS data is used by schools to help plan prevention programming to help reduce youth alcohol and drug misuse and also for grant funding opportunities. The schools can share the IYS data with local coalitions and other stakeholders to encourage and support collaborative efforts. 

Research over the years has identified the following risk factors for underage age alcohol and other substance misuse: antisocial behaviors, perceptions of peer substance use, low perceived risk of harm, poor family-youth relationships, and parental acceptance of substance use, school absenteeism, and availability and marketing of substances to youth.

Prevention strategies focus on evidence based protective factors which include: self-efficacy to say no to substance misuse, future college aspirations, peer disapproval, involvement in sports and physical activity, parental monitoring, perceived parental trust, school belonging and involvement, authoritative school environment, and community norms that discourage youth substance use.

FHN is proud to be the recipient of the SUPS grant and to be able to partner with our local schools and community to provide prevention services. 

Stephenson County Illinois Youth Survey
Jo Daviess County Illinois Youth Survey

To receive up-to-date news regarding the Illinois Youth Survey, Like and Follow the Illinois Youth Survey Facebook page. Please share it with people and organizations that are interested in getting the facts about youth substance use and other issues affecting youth in Illinois.

For more information on these surveys, visit Illinois Youth Survey.


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