In Her Own Words

Center for Wound Healing at FHN is a 'Godsend' for Stockton Woman

Mary Lynn Trost poses with Carrie Wright, FNP-BC, and one of her nurses, Cassie, from The Center for Wound Healing at FHN Memorial Hospital.

Mary Lynn Trost was eager to get her surgical staples out – all 50 of them – after having a successful hysterectomy for Stage 1A uterine and ovarian cancer at UW Madison hospital. Unfortunately, her incision reopened almost immediately after her stitches were removed, right in the doctor’s office. It was a deflating and depressing moment for Mary Lynn.

She shares, “It was hard to process and I think I was in a little bit of shock. Here I thought I was healing, and this was a major setback. I mean, my incision was 5” wide, 10” long, and deep enough that my whole hand fit inside. It was scary and it hurt. They packed the wound with gauze and referred me to a home health or wound clinic. Lucky for me, FHN’s wound healing center is close to home and they fit me in the very next day. It was a godsend.”

Quick Treatment and Fast Progress

The multidisciplinary specialists at the Center for Wound Healing at FHN Memorial Hospital went right to work getting Mary Lynn set up with an aggressive plan to address her issues, which required her to come for treatment three times a week for seven weeks. The team uses state-of-the-art wound care strategies, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOt) and advanced clinical approaches to achieve some of the best healing rates and fastest healing times in the nation. In Mary Lynn’s case, they incorporated the latest in wound care products, dressings, and antibiotics to heal her infections, close the incision, and get her on the road to recovery.

Specifically, Mary Lynn’s wounds were re-dressed at each appointment, and when she reached a certain level of healing, a wound vacuum system was employed that promotes new skin growth. “It helped me to heal from “the inside out,” explains Mary Lynn, “bringing good cells to the surface and maximizing skin restoration.”

Innovation and Compassion Provide the Right Balance

Mary Lynn has great respect and appreciation for the Center’s staff. “I can’t get over how well I am healing, and the team here celebrates every milestone with me,” she declares. “The nurses – Ericka, Cassie, and Ketia – are like my cheerleading section. For them, it is like Christmas morning to see people progressing – it is very rewarding. They thoroughly understand complicated wound care, and they put a very human touch on each procedure as well.” .

Mary Lynn continues, “My nurse practitioner, Carrie Wright, has been fantastic. She communicates every detail of my care and helps me understand complex problems. She even checked on me when she was on vacation, texting the nurses to make sure everything was proceeding well. She truly cares.”

Ready to Get Back to ‘Normal’

Not quite “graduated” yet, Mary Lynn is healing faster than anticipated and is now getting collagen treatments two times a week as she inches closer to finishing her therapy. “I am almost done, and I am very ready to move forward!” she exclaims.

“I am grateful to the wound center staff for guiding me at each appointment,” she shares, “and for celebrating my good progress. Everyone has been so kind, so encouraging, and so accommodating. They bent over backwards to work with my schedule and make a difficult situation not so bad. But I am very ready to put this behind me. I love to search for treasures at thrift stores and resale shops and enjoy serving customers at my home hair salon. I want to sit at a campfire and laugh with my friends, and of course spend time making memories with my children and grandchildren. None of that would be possible without this great group of professionals from the wound center. I will always remember their skill and compassion.”