The provision of health care is a sacred trust. People put their bodies and their hopes in their healthcare organization and its caregivers for healing and comfort. That trust is more pronounced with community hospitals and healthcare systems, like FHN. Community providers may see their patients more often in everyday settings like the grocery store or at a Little League game. Patients prefer to go to the hospital they know and trust. They want to build a relationship with the nurses, doctors, and other health professionals who work with them on a daily basis, not simply be ‘another patient’ or ‘a nameless number.’ The close-knit relationships that are developed often give FHN an advantage when it comes to providing enhanced patient care.

Access to healthcare is important for:

  • Overall physical, social, and mental health
  • Disease prevention
  • Detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness
  • Quality of life
  • Avoiding preventable deaths
  • Life expectancy

Access to healthcare also helps attract business interests. For companies or industries looking to plant roots in small communities, like the ones FHN serves, easy access to healthcare is critical. Moreover, FHN maintains connections with local businesses, relying on them for services and supplies, which, in turn, brings revenue to these businesses. FHN also provides a wide variety of employment opportunities, from environmental services to administration, and everything in between. When a hospital is present, a community is more likely to thrive economically.

By providing scholarships and other healthcare opportunities, FHN encourages local students to become healthcare professionals and consider returning to their community to do good.

However, the most important thing to know about FHN is that we are locally run. Patients, their families, and community members provide input to FHN to help us improve the care that we provide. By engaging community members in the decision-making process, FHN has the ability to meet or exceed the needs of the people we’re serving, as well as the ability to address the larger needs of our communities. Ultimately, community involvement can provide the greatest sense of trust between patients, community members, and healthcare providers.

FHN is pleased to have been recognized for the last three consecutive seasons with an ‘A grade’ from one of the national organizations that evaluates hospital care. This proves that we not only provide excellent care, we do it consistently over time. However, FHN could not do any of these things without you!

Your donations allow FHN to more strongly embrace our community, and enable you to be part of a greater good. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder in providing healthcare excellence for our communities! 

In the past three years, the FHN Foundation has received nearly $3.2 million in donations. Those gifts have helped to:

  • Secure life-saving equipment, such as the EKG machines and surgical instrument sets for the Operating Room,
  • Upgrade facilities, such as the Women’s Health space at the FHN Family Healthcare Center - Burchard Hills, the new Nurse Call System for the FHN Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Center, and furniture for a number of FHN’s community-based clinics, and
  • Enhance the patient experience at FHN Memorial Hospital through new mattresses and beds, and by enabling staff members to receive training and education that improves care and safety.

All of these items are important, but it is the difference that your gifts make in people’s lives that really matter. Listen to what other members of the community have to say:

    “[While at FHN for other procedures …] my wife’s heart stopped four times. They were honest with me and let me know that they were not sure if they would be able to save her. Thankfully, the medical staff was able to stabilize her and get us on an emergency transport to UIC Hospital in Chicago. The providers and nurses at UIC told us over and over that the folks at FHN saved my wife’s life. They commented on the fabulous job they had done to revive her and enable her to get the surgery she would need on her heart. We cannot say enough about the staff at FHN. They provided wonderful care, and kept us informed the entire time.”
    – Brenda and Brian Rockey

    “FHN provides exemplary care to their patients. I am welcomed by all the staff promptly. The nurses and providers individualize my care each time no matter what my needs are. I cannot be happier with FHN and their facilities. It is very convenient to have all community health needs in one place.”
    – Katie Wells

Today, I am asking you to make a donation and give the gift of health. Your financial partnership will not only make a difference today, it will provide a foundation for tomorrow through future growth of services in our communities. You can designate your gifts to a specific facility, department, project/program, or that they be given to 'wherever it is needed most.' We will use your undesignated donation to assist with our most pressing need.

Your donations help provide for the sustainability of locally based and governed medical care in our region and 100 percent of every donation goes for its intended purpose.

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Thank you for making a difference in the health and wellness of the people in northwestern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.


Yours Truly,




Al Evon
Director, FHN Foundation


P.S. Remember, you may make your gift to FHN Foundation in honor of someone who is living and has impacted your life or in memorial to remember someone special. With both Doctor’s Day and Nurse’s week this spring, a gift to this project is a wonderful way to demonstrate your gratitude to a healthcare provider.