Orthopaedics is the diagnosis, medical or surgical treatment and prevention of diseases or injuries of the bones, joints, spine and muscles.

The FHN Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Department offers a wide variety of services including orthopaedic diagnosis, treatment and surgery, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, as well as a full range of sports medicine related capabilities.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Services at FHN helps to restore strength and agility to patients after an illness, stroke or trauma.

The Joint Club

Each year, more than 500,000 people in the U.S. undergo total joint replacement surgery. Typically, candidates for this surgery are individuals with chronic joint pain from arthritis that severely diminishes their ability to perform normal daily activities. This often leads to a loss of independence and self esteem. A replacement joint can make a big difference in your ability to return to work or other activities that you enjoy.

We developed the Joint Club to provide a comprehensive and planned course of treatment for the benefit of total joint replacement patients. We find that patients who take an active role in their recovery experience the most positive results. Our intention is to involve you in your treatment through each step of the program. You cannot take a passive role and expect a great result from your surgery.

Total joint replacement patients should recover quickly, with a typical hospital stay of just 2-3 days. New surgical techniques and improved analgesic methods make blood transfusions far less common, and have allowed us to quicken the recovery process. In fact, most patients will be expected to walk on the day of surgery.

Our Rapid Recovery Process affords the return to most normal activities in six to eight weeks. This includes driving, walking distances and golfing. The rapidity of return to activity is highly dependent upon the patient's pre-operative physical conditioning. The better your physical condition is prior to surgery, the quicker your recovery to more normal activity will be.

Read more about the FHN Joint Club in our Joint Club brochure. For more information about FHN Orthopaedic, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Services, download this brochure.

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The following providers are associated with orthopaedics:
Kevin Draxinger MD
Robert Fox PA-C
John Gluscic MD