We're Open For You. We're Safe For You.
We're Here... For You.

As we've all seen even more clearly recently, your health is so important - so don't put off visiting your FHN provider or scheduling appointments! Our offices and hospital are open, and we're as ready as ever to care for you and your family.

If you are cautious about being out in public, please know that we've taken every possible precaution to keep both you and our staff safe. From wearing masks and social distancing to vigilant cleaning and reorganizing our locations for appropriate separation and isolation, you can find details of the many steps we've taken at our coronavirus update page.

Our providers and staff are ready to welcome you, and we're asking you to start visiting us again now to help us continue to be a strong and viable part of your community. If you already have an FHN provider, just call their office - if you need help, call us at 1-815-599-7060.

As we all begin to return to a "new normal," some things will certainly be different. What won't change is our commitment to providing the best healthcare we can offer. We've been here since 1902 and with you as our partner, we look forward to being here for the rest of our second century too. Please call today and make that appointment you've been putting off - we're still here, for you!