COVID-19 First and Second Moderna Booster Vaccinations

May 24, 2022
1763 S. Dirck Drive
Freeport, IL


These COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Clinics will administer both first and second booster Moderna vaccines. Eligible persons who received an initial booster at least 4 months ago can schedule their second booster at any open appointment.

Please bring a valid photo ID and your vaccination card, and wear a face covering when attending your appointment. Plan to stay for 15 minutes after you've received your vaccination or 30 minutes if you have had immediate reactions to vaccinations, such as flu shots, or need to regularly carry an EpiPen.

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Openings are available as indicated below. Please select First Booster or Second Booster before selecting your time.

Freeport - 1763 S. Dirck Drive

First Booster
Second Booster


12:45pm May 24 4
02:15pm May 24 3
05:30pm May 24 4