Joint Club

FHN developed the Joint Club to provide a comprehensive and planned course of recovery for your total joint replacement. In the hospital, Joint Club members rehabilitate from surgery together along a prescribed course of recovery.

Your membership in the FHN Joint Club is for life, and its only dues are the requirement that you get out and use your new and restored joint to enjoy your life.

Your recovery period in the FHN Joint Club is modeled on a round of golf, complete with your own caddy! As in a regular golf game, you'll be traveling the course with companions who are sharing your experience. Our team will help keep you informed of what's going on and what to expect next, and will be here to help as you take your first steps with your new joint.

Preparing for your surgery

You'll receive your FHN Joint Club Guide Book soon after you decide to have total joint replacement surgery. This guide is a great resource designed to introduce you to the FHN Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine team as well as answer some of the questions you may have about your surgery.

Your Guide Book also details some very important pre-operative exercises you can do to get your body ready for the surgery. The success of your surgery depends on YOU! If you are in good physical condition before the surgery, you increase your chances of a quick recovery.

You'll also attend a pre-operative education session that will help you understand what's ahead, with information about your surgery, hospital stay and recovery.


Your FHN Joint Club Guide Book will also help you and your providers keep track of your progress. You should bring your Guide Book to every appointment to organize your schedule of appointments, pre- and post-operative checks, recommendations from your physical therapist and provider and more.

After your surgery

You'll recover quite rapidly from your surgery— the average stay in FHN Memorial Hospital is 2 to 3 days. New surgical techniques and improved anesthesia methods make blood transfusions far less common, and have allowed us to quicken the recovery process. In fact, most patients will be up and walking the day of their surgery!

While you're in the hospital, you'll receive a special newsletter tailored to your progress. Each day's newsletter will include an overview of what you'll be doing that day, as well as news and tips for you and your caddy.

Your caddy—typically a family member or close friend—will be there to provide support and encouragement as you get used to your new joint. Following our golfing theme, you'll begin your recovery process at the first hole and track your recovery with your golf cart on the FHN Challenge Board located on your hospital unit.

Your goal is to increase the distance you can walk while becoming more independent. Our team of physical and occupational therapists, along with the FHN Memorial Hospital staff and your caddy, are here to help you reach that goal.

Out and about

When you've reached the 18th hole, you're ready to go home from the hospital. Your rehabilitation program will continue through outpatient visits, where our physical therapists will help you with exercises to regain your strength and adjust to daily life.