Have you ever been exhausted – so tired that you can barely function? You try to stay awake because there is a project to complete, a deadline to meet, or perhaps a loved one for whom you are caring. As your initial drive and adrenaline wear off though, you reach a point where your own mind and body begin to fail you. Your thoughts are unclear and hard to process, you cannot find the right words, or if you know them, you are unable to pronounce them well. You feel your eyelids getting heavier and heavier because all they want to do is close.

Many Americans are caught in this grind of work, family responsibilities, and ongoing stress. However, it’s important to prioritize adequate rest and quality sleep in your everyday life. Rest and sleep are vital for better mental health, brain function, increased concentration and memory, a healthier immune system, reduced stress, improved mood, and even a better metabolism. Quality rest and sleep help you recover and recharge from physical and mental effort. Moreover, your body requires sleep since it impacts every system in your body.

Rest and a comfortable night’s sleep are never more important than when you are in the hospital.

Imagine you’re in a hospital. You’ve just gone through a difficult procedure, or perhaps you are battling a serious illness and you have to stay in the hospital for several days. Your provider has told you that you need to rest and sleep for a better recovery. One of the key elements in getting the rest and sleep you need is the hospital bed in which you will be staying.

Just like the beds we have at home, hospital bed frames and mattresses age and there is a need to replace them. That time for replacement is now at FHN.

Of course, not only do hospital beds need to meet the needs of the patient, they also need to support the health care team. Hospital beds help to prevent patient falls and health care acquired conditions, such as painful bed sores. Unlike beds we may purchase for our own homes, hospital beds and mattresses have additional specialized functions.


The FHN Foundation would like to purchase Stryker iBeds for the hospital. These beds are compatible with our nurse call system and are specifically designed to help provide enhanced fall prevention and bed sore reduction. The iBed’s system monitors bed status information and alerts caregivers visually, audibly, and remotely when a patient needs assistance. The bed design enables the hospital to choose from a variety of support surfaces to accommodate the patient’s needs. In addition, the beds have intermediate side rails, which allow the patient to enter and exit the bed themselves, if appropriate. This feature reduces risk of injury to the caregiver and patient.

The FHN Foundation also wishes to acquire Isotour and Isoflex mattresses. These mattresses are composed of gel structures that redistribute pressure by absorbing the patient’s weight. These gel support systems are designed to help prevent pressure injuries by addressing key risk factors: pressure, shear, and moisture. Additionally, they reduce the heavy lifting and turning that can lead to staff injury.

The average number of admits at FHN Memorial Hospital is greater than 5,000 patients per year, with patient stays of approximately 3.5 days. However, as patient sickness increases, the number of days and nights a patient is in one of the beds at FHN lengthens. For many COVID-19 patients treated at FHN, their length of stay exceeded two weeks. As patients are experiencing longer hospital stays, it is critical to replace our beds and mattresses to minimize the risk of pressure ulcers and skin breakdown.

The cost to obtain these beds and mattresses is $592,234. However, thanks to generous donors - the Vivian Moss family, the FHN Foundation has a $250,000 matching gift to help us fund these items! Each gift will assist in purchasing new beds, and every gift toward purchasing beds will be doubled until the $250,000 is exhausted. As a result, your gift will go twice as far!

To date, we have received more than $229,000 toward the matching gift, which means there is still $21,000 available to be matched!

Please consider making a generous gift toward the purchase of the new hospital beds and mattresses. Whatever gift you can make toward this equipment will help. The comfort and rest you provide to a patient staying in the hospital may benefit yourself, a family member, friend, or loved one.

Thank you for making a difference in the health and wellness of the people in northwestern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

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Al Evon
Director, FHN Foundation


P.S. Remember, you may make your gift to FHN Foundation in honor of someone who is living and has impacted your life or in memorial to remember someone special. Additionally, all gifts postmarked by December 31, 2022, are eligible to be deducted from your income taxes.