In Their Own Words

A star is born...
with the help of FHN's OB team

Vivienne Yvonne Marten

When Vivienne Yvonne Marten made her debut six weeks early, she made it very clear she was ready for primetime. Though premature, she was healthy overall and a big hit with her mommy and daddy. With a few days' time amid the skillful care of FHN's OB team, the 'tiny but terrific' infant was able to avoid a trip to Rockford and stay close to home.

She, of course, had no idea what her parents had already been through to conceive her. After losing their patience with Mother Nature, Ben and Sarah Marten conferred with their obstetrician about alternatives to increase their chances of getting pregnant. Following many tests and long conversations, they decided to pursue in-vitro fertilization (IVF) out-of-town. When the procedure proved successful, they came back to FHN for prenatal care and birthing.

They are thrilled they did. According to Ben, "I felt comfortable with my baby's little life in their hands."

After receiving a check-up from the FHN women's service line director, Ben, an actor who has been featured on TV and the big screen, and Sarah, a singer throughout college, used their dramatic flair to make a thank you video for the entire staff. "We can’t imagine a warmer welcome than what they gave to Vivienne,"" says the couple.

If you want to be treated like a star, call FHN to find out about the full range of OB-GYN services, including prenatal and postpartum care. Phone 1-877-6000-FHN (1-877-600-0346) ext. 926