Your Support Team

Your healthcare provider and his or her staff, the hospital rounding physician, and our talented, dedicated nursing staff, will care for you while you are in the hospital.

Your case manager and social worker will assist you in working out the financial details of your care as well as help your clinical team with your discharge planning to ensure that you are discharged to the most appropriate environment. Our goal is for you to continue progressing through the continuum of care begun at the hospital. They can also help you with difficult decisions such as advance directives.

Rehabilitation Services provides services to increase your strength and stamina to prepare you to leave the hospital and help return you to your highest level of functioning.

Respiratory therapists may assist your breathing and offer treatment to support or improve it.

Chaplains and clergy are available to help with your concerns about your illness. The telephone number for the chaplain is ext. 6160 (815-599-6160 outside the hospital).