In His Own Words

The Test Was No Big Deal — Yet It Ended Up Saving My Life

Shane Stouffer

"I would never have done it if it wasn't required by my health and wellness program." That's what Shane Stouffer of Winslow said about the colonoscopy that, according to him and his doctors, saved his life.

Shane was turning 50, a time when most medical guidelines suggest a colon screening is in order. He wasn't thrilled about getting the test, but figured he would keep up with the program's wellness guidelines. So he scheduled a colonoscopy with Dr. Vivek Mehta, and tried not to think about it until it was time to prepare for the procedure.

"Really, there was nothing to it," stressed Shane. "It was painless – over and done with in no time, and I was completely unaware until I woke up in the recovery area. When Dr. Mehta came to discuss his findings with me I jokingly said, 'Is it good news or bad news?' When he said it was 'bad' I was certainly surprised."

Shane's tumor was 9 cm – about the size of a baseball – but he never felt a thing. "It was hard to believe I had such a large growth and had no symptoms," explained Shane. When tests came back post-surgery, the diagnosis was Stage 1 colon cancer. The good news? Surgery had cleanly removed the tumor and was considered curative – no chemotherapy or radiation was suggested. According to Shane, "I was lucky. The surgery got it all."

Now, Shane is a big proponent of the test so many people dread. "People should not be afraid of getting a colonoscopy," he says. "They should call and make the appointment right away. The test was really no big deal, but the findings and surgery saved my life. That is definitely a big deal to me, my family, my friends, and my walking partners, Addie and Rosie."

To schedule your colonoscopy, call FHN at 1-877-6000-FHN (877-600-0346) ext. 909. It could be a big deal.