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Parties will jointly operate an urgent care and occupational medicine facility.

In a move designed to increase access and help patients better manage their healthcare, FHN and Physicians Immediate Care have announced the formation of a new joint venture that will operate an urgent care and occupational medicine facility in Freeport, Illinois.

The move supports both organizations' efforts to most effectively manage the care of the patients they serve. The joint venture achieves this by creating more access points for patients, providing needed care in a lower cost setting than an emergency department, and improving care coordination among providers.

Construction has begun on the new state-of-the-art clinic which will be located at 1009 Fairway Drive, Freeport, Illinois. The facility will be open seven days a week with patient-friendly hours. This location will be fully equipped with digital X-ray capability, lab testing and 6 exam rooms, including a trauma room for treating non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses. It is scheduled to open in spring 2018.

The clinic will also offer occupational medicine services to employers for treatment of work-related injuries, drug and alcohol testing, and a variety of work-related physical examinations.

“We're excited to partner with Physicians Immediate Care, expanding the healthcare options available to our community,” said Mark Gridley, FHN President and CEO. “We're committed to providing healthcare excellence to our friends, families, and neighbors, and having a facility like this helps us fulfill that vision.”

“Coordinating care between the family physician, the hospital, and our clinic creates a more efficient and affordable experience for our patients,” added Stan Blaylock, CEO of Physicians Immediate Care.

Under the agreement, Physicians Immediate Care will be contracted to handle day-to-day management of the jointly-operated clinic.