FHN Learning Center

The FHN Learning Center follows a corporate university model which includes a process of continuous evolution, change, adaptation and growth.

FHN staff training

Our Mission

The FHN Learning Center will align learning opportunities with the FHN Mission and Strategic Goals to enhance the service to our customers.

Learning Opportunities...

The Learning Center's educational opportunities are constantly evolving. Here's just a sample of how we can help:

A talent management system that combines learning, performance, goal management, career development and succession planning into a "one-stop" resource for all staff.

Health Science Library/Health Resource Library
A multitude of online databases, books and journals to assist in the learning needs of our staff, providers and patients.

Educational Assistance
Scholarships and financial assistance to those staff members pursuing advanced degrees.

  • FHN Learning Center academic collaborations
  • FHN partners with a variety of academic and healthcare institutions to:
  • Assist staff in career development
  • Utilize resources within our community
  • Provide flexibility and convenience for working adults
  • Better meet future healthcare needs

Collaboration and commitment to excellence enable FHN to enhance our learning culture and provide opportunities for improved performance as well as personal and professional growth.

To find out more, visit the FHN Learning Center site on the FHN Intranet or call 815-599-6234.