New to FHN? Our Primary Care Providers Are Here For You!

Your Primary Care Provider is your principal partner in healthcare. Finding the right one is an important step in your lifelong health! If you're ready for a provider who is ready for you, call us for an appointment and you won't hang up the phone without one.*

Your Primary Care Provider is your wellness coach and your first line of defense against illness or injury for you and your family. They also can open doors to almost 50 specialty services at FHN that can partner with you for your healthcare needs.

FHN is committed to personalized care in a hometown setting that "feels different" than anywhere else. We go the extra mile, every day to make sure that when you choose us for your care, you're making the right choice.

Just call us toll-free at 1-877-6000-FHN (1-877-600-0346), ext. 965:

Monday-Thursday7 am – 6 pm
Friday7 am – 5 pm
Saturday8 am – noon

"We've revised our scheduling process to make it really easy for people to schedule an appointment," says Director of Patient Access Sarah Graybill. "With all the demands everyone seems to have these days, getting healthcare when you need it shouldn't be one more thing to have to squeeze into an already-full calendar. We also know that having to wait to feel better isn't something anyone wants, and we're committed to making sure that doesn't happen."

Listen to Sarah Graybill, FHN Director of Patient Access, talk about the this on the Dial-a-Doc radio show.

Welcome to FHN – we're here for you!

*Restrictions or requirements of health insurance carriers may apply; eligibility will be confirmed during our conversation with you.

Already Have an FHN Primary Care Provider?

We're not here for you just when you're sick or injured. Your everyday wellness is very important to us and we're happy to see you any time!

Have you scheduled your annual checkup for 2018? Are your children up-to-date on their vaccinations and school physical requirements? Want some answers about anything that has changed in your health or the way you feel? Need help scheduling important screenings or regular wellness visits? We've got you covered.

If we haven't seen your smiling face recently, welcome back! As Benjamin Franklin said, an ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure, so come on in and let's make sure you're enjoying your best health. Primary Care offices open at 7a.m. each weekday, so if you wish, you can schedule a visit before you begin your busy day. See you soon!