FHN and Lily…well worth the travel time.

Elizabeth to Freeport: 31 miles and 45 minutes

It's not exactly the Oregon Trail, but it can be a long ride when you are expecting. Yet Jessica Engle and her husband, Brian, didn't hesitate to make the trek to Freeport when they found out they were having a third child. Even though they had multiple options, they chose FHN and Courtney DanPullo, MD…and are happy they did.

Residents of Elizabeth, Jessica and Brian knew a drive would be a part of their birth plan. After reviewing choices, they decided on FHN. "We could have easily gone to closer locations," says Jessica, "but I just felt more comfortable with Dr. DanPullo and FHN. I had what was considered a high-risk pregnancy, battling high blood pressure and placenta previa with my second child. My prenatal visits put me at ease that FHN was the best spot for us...that everything would be handled by professionals who knew the latest treatments and would provide the ultimate care."

Throughout her term, physicians and staff treated Jessica "like family," she declares. "No one ever hurried me. They were so good about taking calls, knowing I was miles away and couldn't always make it into Freeport. Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly, focusing on our needs while helping us get ready for the big day…especially Dr. DanPullo. She prepared us for different scenarios, and when my water broke we knew exactly what to do – quickly! When we arrived at the hospital, the nurses were ready for my unique conditions and provided all the support and reassurance we needed. Lily was greeted with superior care and all the DanPullo staff helped celebrate the joy and wonder of the moment. It was perfect. Even though Lily is two now, we remember it like it was yesterday. We would choose FHN again in a heartbeat."

If you want an Ob/Gyn team to go the distance for you, count on FHN. We will treat you like family when you are starting (or expanding) yours! Call 877-600-0346, ext. 908 to schedule an appointment.

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