Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients Will Get 3-Day Follow Up... Guaranteed

When you get a cancer diagnosis, the last thing you want to do is wait. Now you don't have to.

FHN now guarantees a follow-up appointment within three business days after a patient receives the report that he or she has cancer.

"Patients at other treatment centers may wait weeks or even months to consult with a specialist and start setting up treatment plans," said FHN Cancer Center Director Julie Nampel. "That time can be filled with stress, anxiety, and uninformed dread. Our quick follow-up can help patients come to terms with their situation and address it with leading-edge, university-level medical oncology and radiation therapy under one roof, close to home."

The Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Center at FHN Memorial Hospital offers patients genetic cancer testing, targeted therapy, biologic therapy, and immunotherapy, along with the ability to participate in some clinical trials.

Our cancer care team includes physicians, nurses, social workers, dietitians, chaplains, and more, and their holistic approach can provide emotional and spiritual support for patients at a critical time. We are committed to helping patients quickly come to terms with "what comes next," and assist them not only with their physical needs, but also with their emotional and spiritual needs.

"We know that time spent waiting can be very stressful," Julie said. "Our new 3-day guarantee helps address that concern. We do all we can to help our patients through the process."