In Her Own Words

Diabetes Education: Through the Years

Diabetes is a diagnosis no one wants. It impacts all kinds of people in many different ways. Yet a broad majority can thrive despite it with a little determination and a lot of information. That's where the Diabetes Education Team at FHN comes in... and makes a huge difference.

Several instructional programs provide proactive strategies to help a patient with diabetes cope and flourish whether they are newly diagnosed, facing specific challenges, or generally managing their condition over the years.

Even those who have dealt with diabetes for decades can benefit from the program, according to Certified Diabetic Educator Nicolette Drane. Just ask Barbara Snyder. She has battled the disease for 45 years, but knows that staying up on new research and trends can influence her situation. Barbara says "The FHN Basics Program really works. I look forward to my meetings and I'm so impressed by Nicolette's knowledge. And the best thing? She is only a phone call away."

To find out more about the wide variety of diabetes education programs available at FHN, call us at 815-599-6253.

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