In Her Own Words

Introducing the region's first eICU

"No one wants to be sick. But in hindsight, it really was quite a phenomenal experience," shares Angie Heidenreich, a recent patient in FHN's eICU®, which links the Freeport unit with a UW Health e-Care of Wisconsin team. "The care I received still brings me peace of mind, even months after being released from the hospital."

Suffering from severe pancreatitis, Angie was admitted to the eICU in excruciating pain. She was very sick, but felt reassured by those surrounding her. "Dr. Mehta and the nurses in Freeport were with me all the way. I could see how hard they were working to improve my condition and make me comfortable. Plus, the e-Care specialists in Madison provided new sets of eyes and even more professionals to confer on my case. It was wonderful. I had two teams of experts looking out for me. I felt like I had a bigger safety net... a whole new level of intensive care and comfort.

"Plus, staying in Freeport rather than being transferred relieved a lot of stress within my family. It was nice for them — and for me — to know they could visit every day and quickly get to the hospital from Stockton if they needed to, while still keeping our household running. They felt in the loop and at the ready the entire time, knowing I was receiving the best possible care close to home."

Now that's intense. For an appointment with any of our excellent providers, call 1-877-6000-FHN (1-877-600-0346) ext. 910.

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