HCC MA Program and FHN Apprenticeship Open House April 14

FHN Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Program

FHN is offering a Medical Assistant (MA) Registered Apprenticeship program with the Dept. of Labor through partnerships with The Workforce Connection and Highland Community College (HCC). Through this apprenticeship program MA students will have the opportunity to be employed by FHN and gain on the job training to complement the coursework at HCC as they train for a career in the medical assisting field.

HCC’s Medical Assistant Program

How does it work?

The program is set up for students to attend class at HCC two days a week and work at FHN two days a week. During work time, students will be employed as a MA Student and receive on-the-job paid training, which outlines core competencies needed for successful completion of the apprenticeship program. A preceptor will be working with the MA Student to mentor and guide them as they learn the role of a MA.

What is the benefit of an apprenticeship program?

After completing the requirements of the program, students will be ready to join the workforce as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). FHN Apprenticeship program students will have a much shorter orientation period as they will already be trained and have completed the competencies required for the role.

Why FHN?

FHN is a local community healthcare organization that is here to deliver healthcare excellence for our communities. FHN has a family-focused culture, PRIDE-focused commitment, and learning-focused growth. We are accountable for being patient centered, treating others with respect, dignity, and compassion, being innovative, and always delivering excellence and being engaged.

Exclusive Benefits With FHN:

  • After completing the MA Student role requirements, the apprentice will be eligible for an increase in pay. Once the apprentice becomes a CMA, they will move into yet another new pay range for this role.
  • A scholarship is available for MA Students that will cover the cost of the MA program at HCC. There is a requirement for recipients to work at FHN for two years after completing the program.
  • MA Students are eligible for a sign-on bonus after completing the program and starting a position as a CMA at FHN. It is a $1,000 bonus in which half is paid at the start of the new role and the other half is paid after being with FHN for one year.

How do I apply?

    1. Visit the Careers page on fhn.org
    2. Click Apply Online
    3. Select the appropriate box: prospective applicant or current FHN staff member
    4. Search for Medical Assistant – Apprentice
    5. Select Apply Now