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FHN Adds Breast MRI to Its Diagnostic Services


The Women's Diagnostic Center at FHN Memorial Hospital in Freeport has added another capability to help diagnose breast cancer at its earliest stages. FHN's imaging and cancer care experts now can use breast MRI in addition to full-field digital mammography, minimally invasive biopsies and ultrasound in detecting breast cancer.

“MRI of the breast helps us evaluate abnormalities that are detected by digital mammography and ultrasound,” says Robin Scalise, FHN director of imaging services. “It also helps our experts gauge how much a newly discovered case of cancer has spread.”

MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, uses high-powered magnets to produce an image, and has proven effective in imaging dense breast tissue and breast implants, both of which can be difficult to image using traditional mammography.

“We use the breast MRI to supplement digital mammography imaging,” says Jennifer Schierer, RN, nurse navigator at the Women's Diagnostic Center. “The MRI doesn't replace a woman's yearly mammogram – it gives us another tool to use if we do find an abnormality that requires further testing.”

The FHN Women's Diagnostic Center offers all-digital testing for breast cancer and bone health. To schedule a digital mammogram or digital bone density exam, call 815-599-6860.