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In-Office Tubal Ligation at FHN Celebrates a One-Year Milestone


FHN recently celebrated an anniversary of their implementation of the in-office Tubal Ligation procedure, known as Essure. This is a simple office procedure allows a physician to perform permanent sterilization by blocking a woman's Fallopian tubes using a specialized instrument that leaves no scars. Introduced to the office setting at FHN in late 2010, the Essure procedure offers women the option of having her tubes tied and then returning to full activity in two or three days. Nicolai Hinds, MD of FHN Obstetrics, Gynecology located on Harlem Avenue in Freeport reports that since FHN began offering Essure they have safely and effectively performed about 50 procedures.

“We are really pleased to offer this state-of-the-art technology right here in Freeport,” reported Dr. Hinds. “Patients are very pleased with the convenience of having it done right here in our office, and the ability to quickly return to their busy lives.”

Essure has been FDA-approved since 2002, and has been proven to be a safe and effective method of permanent sterilization. Following the procedure, the patient returns in 90 days for an X-ray confirmation test.

“In the past, patients who wanted to get their ‘tubes tied' faced surgery, up to 2 weeks off from regular activities, and an incision scar,” said Nicolai Hinds, MD. “The Essure method allows us to block the Fallopian tubes in a simple office procedure, resulting in no scar, no hospital stay, and very little recovery time.”

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